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Founder & Director

"Signature Tuition is here because I felt it needed to be..!"

Sarah Gordon

Signature English Tuition Specialist
BA (Hons); PGCE; MTA; GCSE Examiner


Life is about making, and being given, the best chances possible!


I’ve always been extremely passionate about making a difference to the life-opportunities of young people.


With an Honours degree from the University of Leeds in 2004, followed by a teaching qualification at Durham University, I went on to indulge my passion for teaching for over a decade, working with my students to help them realise their potential and achieve their educational goals. This was my place! Or so I thought...


Now, as the Founder of Signature Tuition, and having seen many Signature Tuition students from across the globe surpass their own goals and school-given targets, the classroom has been very much just the start of the Signature Story.

Evidence suggests private tuition can add up to five months' worth of progress on average. Five months! And that really is the tip of the iceberg. With tuition that supports a tailored learning path, it's translated to the most rewarding end-results (confidence included as standard!).

With that in mind, Signature Tuition is here.

At the absolute core of Signature Tuition is the belief that everyone deserves to be given opportunities to achieve their best, and to work with the best tutors available. This fits perfectly with our key values of integrity, professionalism and unyielding passion for supporting personal growth, but it’s not our main concept. Today, that’s simply not enough; everyone deserves to be supported in a way that supports their own Signature style of learning. In other words: a way that works for them.


At Signature Tuition we adhere very strongly to the view that a ‘one size fits all’ approach never works. This is what sets us apart.

Signature Tuition’s core vision is to ensure that your child’s learning experience is theirs alone and one that earns them the right to the best results possible. Our work creates a forward-thinking learning experience that recognises that this is as different for every individual as their own personal signatures. In working with each student, we recognise that individuality to support excellence and the very best outcomes!

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We’re looking for qualified, high quality Primary and Secondary level tutors to join our dedicated and highly professional team.

If you have what it takes to enthuse others, share your passion for learning and make the ultimate difference to young learners, send your CV to us at english@signaturetuition.com.


See what our clients say about us

"Sarah, has been working with my home-schooled son towards his GCSEs and I am glad we found her as a tutor. Apart from being an examiner for the GCSEs and therefore aware of the specific requirements in answering the questions she has some wonderful qualities that make her a great tutor. She is extremely kind, supportive and encouraging. Furthermore, she keeps the child focused and motivated by sending a post lesson email. She is also extremely meticulous in her approach, taking the time to teach the child to be precise whilst developing an appreciation of the language. My son has learnt so much in a short time and continue to work towards achieving a 9 under her careful supervision. I have every confidence that together they will achieve it." 

- Y10 parent, France

"With Signature Tuition my son went from a predicted grade of a 4 or 5 to achieving an 8 in the 2019 English Literature GCSE exam. This outstanding result would not have been possible without the expert tuition from Signature Tuition. I couldn't recommend them enough – 5 stars."

- Y11 parent, UK 

"Sarah provided an excellent CV and personal statement review for me, and I am extremely happy with the feedback I received when i submitted my CV to a potential employer. Having not updated it for some time, it was extremely reassuring to have the subjective eye of someone impartial and with experience of latest professional standards, to provide input and guidance. Sarah was friendly and professional throughout the process and I would strongly recommend Signature Tuition for professional services."

- P. Lemon, Professional CV support, UK 

"I highly recommend Sarah, she is an amazing teacher. She taught my older son a couple of years ago and he achieved A+ in his GCSE. She is currently teaching my 8-year-old son and he has made excellent progress after few months. The lessons are always tailored, fun, and engaging. He always looks forward to the lessons which is a credit to Sarah's method of teaching."

- Y4 parent, UK 

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