Signature Tuition, Sarah Gordon, English Tutor
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Signature Tuition, Sarah Gordon, English Tutor

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Sarah Gordon, Owner & Signature English Tuition Specialist, BA (Hons); PGCE; MTA; GCSE Examiner

Owner & Signature English Tuition Specialist
BA (Hons); PGCE; MTA; GCSE Examiner

A bit about me and Signature Tuition...

Signature Tuition is here because I felt it needed to be..!

Life is about making, and being given, the best chances possible! As such Iíve always been extremely passionate about making a difference to the life-chances of our young people. After gaining an Honours degree from the University of Leeds and a teaching qualification at Durham University, I have taught for over a decade in the classroom where I could share my love of English. It would have been very easy to stay in the classroom; itís a place I have truly loved, but it no longer felt right. After working with some amazing young people, and teaching at the highest standards in schools within the Tees Valley, I wanted our students to be given more to achieve more!

All too often I was seeing my students frustrated with the consequences of the increasing demands placed on their educational experience. The constantly increasing pressure on our young people to secure their future life-chances in a competitively crowded world-market inspired me to move positively beyond the classroom walls. Whilst I still remain hugely passionate about the role the classroom can play for most of our young people, I am even more impassioned about the importance of the one-on-one time we can spend with individuals to support and build a unique experience that translates to the most rewarding end-results.

With that in mind, Signature Tuition is here.

At the absolute core of Signature Tuition is the belief that everyone deserves to be given opportunities to achieve their best, and to work with the best tutors available. This fits perfectly with our key values of integrity, professionalism and unyielding passion for supporting personal growth, but itís not our main concept. Today, thatís simply not enough; everyone deserves to be supported in a way that supports their own Signature style of learning. In other words: a way that works for them. At Signature Tuition we adhere very strongly to the view that a Ďone size fits allí approach never works. This is what sets us apart.

Signature Tuitionís core vision is to ensure that your childís learning experience is theirs alone and one that earns them the right to the best results possible. Our work creates a forward-thinking learning experience which recognises that this is as different for every individual as their own personal signatures. In working with each student we recognise that individuality, no matter where they are on their learning pathway when we meet them.

Signature Tuition, Sarah Gordon, English Tutor

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