A level results: Stay calm and carry on

A Level Results Day 2019

Firstly, to all those who received the A Level results they wanted today, a huge, magnificent, shout-it -at-the-top-of-our-lungs “WELL DONE!” to you all. You’ve already proven to yourself that hard work pays off. Incredible.

But what about those of you who feel less than fully lit-up about those little letters resting on the results paper? Well… at the risk of using an oft-repeated cliché… ‘keep calm and carry on’. It doesn’t matter! Why? Because those results definitely do not define who you are. Sure, it would have been nice to go with the original plan, but part of this (life) experience is rising to the challenge of changing plans, looking at the bright side (maybe your future Uni BFFs would have been horrendous compared to the Uni you can now look to go to), or perhaps this now might break open a whole other world that you hadn’t even realised was there waiting for you.

Whilst not achieving what you worked for not only feels incredibly unfair but also hugely deflating, now is the time to really flex those ‘real-world’ muscles and forge your own very purposeful path forward. This could actually be the best worst thing to have happened. Result!

If you didn’t get the grades you hoped for:

1. Make sure you check UCAS Track and also contact your university of choice directly; they may still accept you. If not? Clearing! I’ve met people whose whole lives changed as a result of this process – and got on to some pretty incredible life-journeys as a result!

2. You know that insurance choice you made? It’s coming into its own now. There’s a reason it was on your list. Focus on the reasons why and embrace it!

3. Make a change! Was university really for you? If so, go back to option 1 and 2. If not: the world awaits you. In fact, it’s kind of calling your name! There are so many apprenticeships and employers looking for the next enthusiastic young thing to build their business with, this really could be the best worst thing that ever happened to you.