GCSE and A levels 2020

As we begin the summer term, we’d like to say thank you for your ongoing support and offer a special thanks to those parents who are key-workers, doing all they can to help us all right now. We’d also like to keep you up-to-date with our work and our take on the most recent information relating to GCSE and A Levels.

GCSE and A-Levels 2020

Firstly, we would like to offer our huge sympathies to all of our 2020 GCSE and A Level students who were due to sit exams this summer. Whilst we know that, usually it would seem like a dream there being no exams, the reality is that many of our students are struggling to come to terms with this.

After working incredibly hard – and in many cases, our students’ work in tuition sessions consistently surpassing predicted or target grades, we know this feels especially difficult. However, we are heartened by the fact that we know our students’ teachers are working incredibly hard to get this right and to ensure that students’ grades are reflected fairly.

In summary, Ofqual states that grades “should be fair, objective and carefully considered judgements of the grades schools and colleges believe their students would have been most likely to achieve if they had sat their exams, and should take into account the full range of available evidence“. We hope that Ofqual’s recommendation, together with the work schools and exam boards are doing will reflect the quality and progression that we, too, have seen in our students’ work.

We are also encouraged by the fact that the government has an open consultation (closing on April 29th) which we encourage you to read and respond to if you are concerned by the process. You can find the link here.

For our international students and those who are taking IGCSEs in the UK’s Independent School sector, the structure is much the same. You can find out how the two most popular boards are planning to award grades by accessing the following links for Cambridge here and EdExcel Pearson, here.


For students who are unhappy with awarded grades, the plans initially set out by the DfE, Ofqual and UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson have indicated that there will be an opportunity to sit these examinations as soon as ‘reasonably possible’ after the summer break. We advise that you keep up to date with this by following reliable media sources in conjunction with government releases as there may be changes to this. There is, however, some discussion, as indicated in yesterday’s UK Guardian article, suggesting that this may only be possible for the subjects of English and Maths. We will continue to keep you updated.