Happy new (school) year!

A Shiny New School Year!

It’s that time of year again. Schools everywhere are about to throw open their doors to welcome wide-eyed, wondrous learners…

In reality, the new school year doesn’t always feel that good for students. So how can you help ease them into it in a positive way?

Help them to clarify their own expectations.

How do they expect to do this school year? If they’re setting out with a negative sense of how well they will do in school, they may find it harder to achieve their potential. Encourage and remind them that a new year is a fantastic opportunity to start afresh. There are plenty of studies that suggest positive approaches give positive results.

Try to anticipate their road-blocks.

Recognising what may hold your child back this academic year (and eliminating it as much as possible) enables them to achieve their highest potential with much more ease. Is your son disorganised? Ensuring basics – such as an endless supply of pens and pencils – are left near the front-door in a morning is a simple but effective way to avoid the confrontation not having one could lead to with his first teacher of the day. Maybe your daughter is terrible at getting up on time? I’ve seen one student with the genius invention of a ‘light alarm’ – it lights up as their morning wake-up time approaches. Turning a problem into a non-issue is a great way to keep the way your child views school, and all it entails, as positive as possible. More positivity = more success!

Keep the channels of communication open.

One of the best ways to support your child is through regular open communication with their teacher(s). You’re all working towards the same goal – to ensure your child is happy and gets their very best results. Introducing yourself, whether that be by email, phone-call or drop-in, can be hugely powerful in supporting an academic year that gives your child everything they deserve.

Happy new Year!