Meet Jodie!

We take great pride in the hand-picked tutoring professionals we choose to work with. Here's a little more about our Primary into Secondary Specialist Nurture Tutor, Jodie!

Welcome to the team, Jodie! Tell us a little about our background!

I am a fully qualified teacher with experience of teaching in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

My most recent role as a Nurture Teacher/Deputy SENDCo involved teaching groups of extremely vulnerable Year 7 students a mixture of KS2 and KS3 curriculum content. I was able to reduce and, in some cases, close the academic gaps these children experienced. This was done through meticulous personalised planning that supported students at their different starting points. My passion for inclusivity led me to the role of Deputy Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo )where I have supported educational provision for those with special learning needs.

What inspired you to become a Tutor?

My passion is inclusivity.

I believe that every person has a place in our world: regardless of who they are, where they are from and what diagnosis they may or may not have, they deserve to live a fulfilling life, one where their uniqueness and personal gifts can shine. Unfortunately, at times, the school system does not support this, but luckily for us – tutoring does. Tutoring gives us the chance to work 1:1 with children and build on their already amazing gifts and talents.

What are your three favourite books?

‘Women Who Run with The Wolves’ is a favourite book of mine, it has taught me so much this past year about how to use my intuition, and is one of the reasons I am now a tutor.

‘The Little Book of Nature Blessings’ reminds me of the beauty that is all around us.

‘The Wind In The Willows’ was my favourite childhood book and now I am super lucky to be able to read this to my two beautiful children.

What's your motto for life?

Oh, I have so many of these depending on the day of the week, the way I am feeling and what I am experiencing at the time!

Let’s see If I can create an amalgamation of my favourite words to live by…

  • What is meant for you will never pass you by.

  • TRUST in the process and the LESSONS that the universe throws your way.

  • Be TRUE to who you are.

  • Be YOU because no one else is you and that is your SUPER POWER.

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