Sharing is caring

Sharing Your Child’s Progress Matters

Stronger together. Sharing is caring. Team work makes the dream work. All pretty cheesy right? Well, yes. But, for learning, it couldn’t be more appropriate! Sharing your child’s progress matters.

When I work with my students the first thing I need to be confident about is that their parents are part of this too. This doesn’t mean sitting them down with myself and their child for an hour every week and making them do the same work their son or daughter is getting stuck into. But it does mean that I need to know they are as invested in their child’s learning as they need to be to support success. This is where sharing is important.

After a decade of teaching in the classroom and meeting hundreds parents, one thing they have all had in common is their wish for teachers to share as much information as possible at each stage of their child’s learning. If their child is falling behind, it makes sense that that information is shared with parents. If a child is breaking boundaries and blazing a mighty trail of success the parents also need to know!

The effective sharing of information between parent, child and tutor really is part of learning success. The more information we all share, the more likely your child’s individual needs are to be met in a way which works for them as an individual.

For me, this always begins with a Complimentary Consultation, a diagnostic meeting which allows parents to communicate clearly their hopes and goals for their child. It goes without saying that the student is a huge part of this meeting – their ideas and thoughts need to be shared too. It’s at this point that a really personalised plan of learning can be made and the route to success begins!

At Signature Tuition this is at the centre of my students’ learning. As such regular learning updates are shared after each 5 sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity to give a little more insight as to how students are getting on – what we have covered, target areas emerging as a result of the areas we have covered, and (my favourite part!) the success stories. Not all success stories are about grades. One of the best learning updates I have recently shared with a parent has been about a student’s blossoming confidence. From a timid, shy student lacking in confidence we now have a successful, happy student emerging! Test scores are improving and so is this student’s approach to learning. Much of this has come from the way information has been shared by in order to meet key learning needs in a way which works.

It’s often hard getting a teenager to communicate with anyone other than another teenager! Wherever parents and tutors can share constructive information with each other to improve the learning experience it is, without question, the best support a child can gain.

Sharing really is caring!